Presentation Download: Digitalisierung? Na klar! Aber wo beginnen?

Presentation I held at HAFNER’s BÜRO on March 9th, 2017: Digitalisierung? Na klar! Aber wo beginnen?

German Version (Original)
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English Version (Translated)
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In this presentation I gave a broad overview about Digital Transformation, and why we need to focus on Innovation and new business models rather than optimization. Optimization is certainly important, however if your business model does not work in the future, you may die in beauty.

About Alexander

Alexander Buschek is passionate about Digital Transformation and the opportunities it gives businesses—especially SMBs. He is convinced that every business has to embrace Digital Transformation in one way or another in order to survive. The sooner a business begins its Digital Transformation, the better. He is the currently CIO of Cherry GmbH, world famous for their keyboards and MX switches. Before joining Cherry, Mr. Buschek worked for more than six years as CIO / CDO of Braunschweiger Flammenfilter after being an entrepreneur, consulting SMBs about their IT strategies, providing external project management, and overseeing various IT projects (e.g. ERP and CAD implementation and migration). Working with many SMBs gave him a deep understanding of this market.

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